Switzerland is seen as one of the best expat countries in the world.  It is a country that offers a very high standard of living in a multilingual and sophisticated population.  But, as with most things in life, all the good things does not automatically makes moving to Switzerland less difficult and stressful.

Visiting Switzerland is great.  Switzerland also welcomes expats and is a good place to live.  But there are information you need to gather beforehand, things you should finalise and possible issues that should be sorted out.  This can be a daunting process if you do not know what steps should be taken.

Firstly, you will need a residence permit, of which there is three kinds; short-term for staying less than a year, an annual permit for staying longer but not forever, and a permanent residence permit when you are going to stay for an unlimited time period.  You also need to submit all the needed documentation to your country’s embassy.

In order to get approval for a residence permit you will have to be in possession of a job offer.  The job should be something that cannot be done by Swiss national.  You can then submit all your documentation to Switzerland’s Embassy in your country.