Advice on Things that should be handled and organized before the actual move to Switzerland

The decision is made and you are starting to organize your move to Switzerland.  There are lots of things to do beforehand, other than the usual documentation; you need application forms if you plan on taking items like furniture, etc.  If you are planning to take your pets with, there are certain regulations to follow.

Advice on Things that should be handled and organized before the move:

  1. Decide beforehand what you will be taking with you; things like furniture, mattresses, and appliances. It takes time to ship such things internationally.  You should decide on the timing of packing up your home and having your things delivered on time on the other side.  You will also need to fill out an application form for all the items that you want to bring into your new country.
  2. Pets should be vaccinated against rabies and you should have a vaccination certificate that is dated at least 30 days before the move but not longer than a year old. All cats, dogs, and ferrets entering the country should also be microchipped to be able to identify them.
  3. You will need a “motorway vignette” if you plan on driving in Switzerland; even though you do not need to apply for a new Swiss drivers license in the first year after your move. You are allowed to drive with your country’s license if it is still valid.  The “motorway vignette” is a sticker that allows you to drive on highways all around the country.
  4. Look into opening a Swiss bank account, and notify your bank that you are moving. You might want to keep your current bank account if you still need to do payments after you move, but it will be easier if you also have a bank account in your new country.  You can transfer money before your move to help make the arrival and transition smoother.
  5. Find out if your Health Insurance will be covering you in Switzerland; and even if it does, you will still need to register for a Swiss health care plan. When you register the state office will tell you if your international health care plan is acceptable or not.  They will also inform you of the health insurance or “sickness funds” that you can choose from.

This is only a few things to make your move easier.  Be well informed on all the areas you might run into issues and do your planning well in advance.