Discover These 5 Reasons and More when you Become an Expat in Switzerland

Which cities are chosen the most by expats?  Will I need to buy a car in Switzerland?  These are only a few of the many questions asked when moving to Switzerland.  To combat too much of a culture shock when you arrive in Switzerland with its multicultural population and four official languages, you should gather more facts before you embark on the actual move.

5 Positive Reasons to Move to Switzerland:

  1. Switzerland is a True Democracy; and one of the rare working examples of democracy. People have the freedom to bring their issues, have a petition signed, with enough signatures a referendum is carried out.  Power is not in the hands of only one person.  A Federal Council of seven acts as head of State.
  2. Swiss-German is one of four national languages, and it is far different than German. The other three languages are French, Italian, and Rumantsch.  It all depends on the region you stay in.  Swiss-German is the most likely to be heard all around.
  3. You can have a drink of water from any tap or water-fountain in the city; and you can also refill your water bottles for free, anytime. You can drink water from any tap at home, too.
  4. Swiss people like to hike a lot; most will have a good pair of hiking boots, a backpack filled with enough water, fruits, bread, cheese, snacks, a camera and wind jacket, and a Swiss Army Knife.
  5. Switzerland is a Super-organized country; with specific days for different types of disposing of garbage. And for all of this, there is a specific type of bag.  Everything works impressively smooth.

Switzerland does have delightful chocolates, a good public transport system, and a Health Insurance system, sunshine in summer and snow in the winter.  Switzerland is also the country with picturesque mountain scenes and ski-slopes in winter.

Switzerland is an outdoor, family-friendly place to live in.  It has an active outdoor culture and includes and encourages expats to take part in all the outdoor offerings, biking trails, hiking, and skiing in winter.