There is more to Switzerland than Famous Cheese, Fabulous Chocolate and the Fact that they are also Good with Time

You will get lots of information about a lot of things in Switzerland, but some things you will only find out when you live there already.  Things like the church bells ringing all night long, the fact that you need to include photographs of the whole family when applying to rent an apartment, and that tenants need to install their own light fixtures.  Recycling is very important and also very difficult to understand.

Facts about Switzerland:

  1. There is more than one brand of chocolate: And, all of the chocolate brands are great.  As with chocolate, there are lots of different kinds of cheeses available.  Many of the brands are easily obtainable in supermarkets.
  2. Punctuality is a way of life: They do not just make the clocks and watches that the Swiss are famous for, they meticulously follow their time.  They take pride in their punctuality.  Showing up on time not only shows respect for someone else but also state that you value that someone’s’ time.  Make sure you are on time if you are meeting a Swiss national.  Public transport, for instance, trains, leave on time, if you are late, you missed the train.
  3. You will be using Swiss Franc (CHF) and not Euros: Switzerland is not obliged to use Euro because they are not part of the EU, European Union.  Certain places might accept Euros as payment but you will receive Swiss Francs if you need change.  You can exchange money at any bank, airport, railway station and some major hotels.
  4. There is a train to almost anywhere: There public transport system has train tracks right across the country.  You can travel almost anywhere by rail.  Just always keep in mind, Swiss trains run on time and leave promptly.  You need to do some connection planning if you have to catch more than one train to your destination.
  5. Recycling: Switzerland is very serious about sustainable materials and recycling.  You will be encouraged to respect this and to do your bit towards the country’s efforts to sustainability.  You should deal with your own trash in a responsible manner and always be on the lookout for designated trash cans in public places.  Do not put glass in the paper bin, etc.

There are still many things to find out and know about Switzerland; for instance, the fact that they love indoor games, at any age.  Switzerland is actually a small country.  They are serious about their languages.  Over-the-counter medications are very expensive.  Switzerland is very conscious about contributing positively to their environment.  When you think about the idyllic scenery that Switzerland is known for, this is not difficult to understand.