Top Events Switzerland

Yearly, Switzerland is host to world-famous events that include Art, Music, Film, Horse Racing, Golf, and Track and Field.

Top Events:

Montreux Jazz Festival:  This festival is steeped in heritage and revolves around the motto that nothing is ever impossible.  Your dreams can be realized.  The festival plays over three venues, each venue having a specific personality of its own.  The event boasts both paying and free events.

Lucerne Piano Festival:  This festival includes world-renowned piano artists, playing modern as well as classical music.  You can expect solo performances and also piano duets.  Concerts featuring the music of Mozart, Schumann and Haydn will be the frames for the solos and duets. In between concerts, jazz nights will be offered.

Art Base:  This is Art in all its forms, and a favourite destination, for all art lovers.  All over the world, it is seen as the art fair with the most prestige, internationally.  On show will be paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, installations, prints, multimedia, and video.  Modern and contemporary artworks will be displayed and also works of the classic masters like Picasso, Klee, Warhol and many more.  Live performances by thousands of artists will also be on the menu.

Weltklasse Zürich:  Athletes combine their strength, elegance and technical skills to perform their best.  Top performances and new records are the order of the day.  Athletes at their very best, performing like it is the Olympic Games.

Omega European Masters:  This competition is seen as one of the most prestigious competitions played in golf, in Europe.  The golf players, as well as the spectators can enjoy the idyllic scenery and friendly atmosphere of a golf course in the mountains.

These events are rated to be some of the best in the world and bring together all Switzerland’s cultural, culinary, linguistic and scenic charms to unite them in their exceptional diversity.